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When a Property or Land Owner is looking to develop or maximise the value of their asset prior to selling - we are able to take on an element of financial risk in order to achieve an uplift in value through either planning, refurbishment or development.


This approach is usually favoured where the property owner is not particularly well capitalised and cannot afford the planning costs, or where an owner does not have the specific knowledge to navigate the many obstacles planning can present.


We are able to take that risk away from owners and also offer the opportunity to work with a reputable experienced developer.


Upon completion of the Joint Venture the total cost of the project is usually deducted from a pre-agreed disposal price leaving a net profit to be shared by the parties.

Alternative scenarios may be where Property Owners would prefer to receive an immediate capital injection and do not wish to play any part in the development.


We can therefore structure a purchase of the land or property on an unconditional or subject to planning basis.

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